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FireWire Cables Leads and Connectors / IEEE 1394 cables

Firewire cables also called IEEE 1394 cables. Can be used to connect IEEE-1394 (Firewire) compliant devices to a computer. Such devices include; IPods, Digital Camcorders, Digital Cameras, DV Recorders, and many other products.

The benifit of FireWire is that it can transfer data at high speed which means that the often large video files can be easily moved for editing quickly and easily. If you are familar with USB then this method is very similar and straight forward to use.

No need to worry about buying short cables, I have seen cable lenghs up to 15Ft, which should be ample for any required use.

IEEE 1394 FireWire® Cable (Six pin to four pin)

Six pin to four pin FireWire IEEE 1394 Cable

Six pin to four pin IEEE 1394 FireWire® Cables are generally used to connect your FireWire® devices to the FireWire® port on your computer.


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