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How To Make a Category 5 / CAT 5e Patch Cable

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Step 3: Now that we've separated and straightened the pairs we need to arrange the conductors into the proper order according to which of the wiring standards you would like to use. For this example we will be wiring via the 568-B standard (most common in patch cables). Please consult the pin outs for the proper color codes reflecting your desired wiring standard. After you have all the wires arranged, place them tightly together as show in the picture to the right. Once you have them arranged tightly together as illustrated in the picture, verify that the wires are still in the proper order before continuing to step 4.

Step 4: Now you will need to trim the conductors down to fit into the CAT 5e RJ45 connector. When trimming the conductors, make sure you make a nice clean cut at a 90 degree angle about 1/2 of an inch from the end of the jacket. If you fail to make a straight cut, some of the conductors may not reach the contacts in the connector. If you cut the conductors too short, again they will not make contact. If you leave the conductors too long, when crimping the connector, the jacket of the cable will not be gripped leaving all of the strain on the conductors. Not a good situation!  For proper trimming, hold the wires securely just at the end of the jacket as shown in the picture to the left. Keep holding the cable firmly to keep the conductors in the proper order.

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