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Serial ATA Cable

Serial ATA Device (SATA) Cables allow you to connect SATA hard disk and enabled devices directly to your Motherboard or SATA PCI card.

Taking over from previous ATA standards SATA is the future standard that will allow for dfaster speeds to be used between the computer and hard drives. Series II standards will push the speed to faster levels and the result for the user is better system performance and faster overall operations.

To use SATA you need either a SATA connector on your motherboard or to by a PCI card with SATA connectors which allows you to use SATA devices on your current system. The majority or hard disks and new PCs are all using SATA standards.

Serial ATA have just 7 pins compared to the larger ATA standard cables. As the cables are thinner and easier to connector they help reduce heat problems and save space inside a computers casing.

Serial ATA also reduces the signalling voltage from the 5 volts used in P-ATA down to 0.5 volts, which reduces power consumption and electrical interference.

Pin-out for Serial ATA Connector

Pin Name
2 A+
3 A-
5 B-
6 B+